About Falling Times

Falling Times is an everlasting and growing real-time news translation machine representing permanently appearing and disappearing information about our times and, simultaneously, the fall of our western decadent civilization.

Falling Times refers to the heavy InfoPollution we live in. The InfoSociety has created a new kind of consumer – the InfoConsumer! The most consumed information is the news today. The news has been turning more and more into an entertainment – the Infotainment. The news producers are the biggest info polluters of our time and thus are the biggest contributors to the infoEcological disaster.

In our visualization we reduce the content only to headlines and key words that appear in the news the most often. These reduced news are translated into a dynamic pictogram language that is considered to be universal and instantly understandable.


Online users have the opportunity to define collectively the meaning associated with each icon we created. In this way the users decide not only which icon represents which news but also the news that are going to be searched for and finally displayed. This open platform permanently grows and transforms itself by learning from the collective contributions.

We hope to contribute with this minimalist data visualization to the infoEcology discourse and to relativize the perception of the news and information in general. Information does not transport any meaning any more but rather creates a pattern decorating our daily life with the feeling that we are connected to reality.